Rehab and Construction Services

If your considering professional management of your investment properties; remodeling and home-improvement assistance from a team committed to a job well done is the answer. Realty Giant LLC goes the extra mile to give you the finely crafted construction services you need. We specialize in entire house or entire building rehab projects. Our rehab team can handle all rehab needs including; plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, carpentry, roofs, masonary, kitchens, baths, floor sanding, carpet, hard tile (floors and walls), soft tile, dry wall, doors, walls, fences, out side landscaping, board ups, city certs, permits, emergency correction repair list, section 8 repairs, security features as well as meet state and federal housing standards.
We bring 17 years of every day, real world; Detroit rehab experience to the job. Our extensive rental and rehab experience allows us to rehab faster and more inexpensively than anyone! No matter if you want the rehab with all brand new supplies; or you want a job completed on a budget with quality second hand supplies and materials; we have the experience to make it happen. If your management needs include a fast-acting team with quality craftsmanship; we are the team to call. Are you looking to add style to your investment property with top-tier finishing work? No problem. Realty Giant LLC can handle all of your rehab needs, top to bottom and A-Z.
Realty Giant LLC is a locally owned and operated home improvement and professional handyman company that has been proudly serving the Detroit Metro area for over 12 years. Because we are local, we work one-on-one with our clients, you don't have to wade through automated phone systems, call screeners or disinterested salespeople to talk to us about your project. We can build brand new with top quality materials or we can build with second hand and refurbished materials. Why pay a painter 100-200 per room or pay 2000-3000 for your kitchen or bath and you can hire seasoned professionals much cheaper to rehab your entire home.

Our dedicated client base enables us to continue to serve many of our clients over the years on multiple projects, and serve their family and friends as well. Our commitment to quality service is our strongest asset, one that keeps our clients calling us back, and let's them feel secure about referring us to their friends, their family, and their co-workers.

With over 12 years in the construction trade, we have the experience and equipment to complete your project efficiently and professionally. Several factors that attribute to our success are:

     *We set a time for appointments, not a "window" of hours for you to wait
     *We call you back when you call us
     *We guarantee our work - period!
     *We can make after hours or weekend appointments if necessary*
     *We do it right the first time - You only have to pay once!
     *We clean up after ourselves, we don't leave the mess for you to clean up.
     *We understand that when we complete a job you expect to be able to show and rent your property!!
     *In short; we understand when we are hired; every client expects repair proffessionals to enter the project timely and proffessionally; complete the rehab to a standard which everything is freshly repainted, everything is in top working repair, the property is albe to pass code (SECTION 8 OR CITY); the property is rekeyed (IF NEEDED), the home has freshly sanded; poly urenthaned floors, carpet or laminanate, the basement is fully painted, the furnace, eletrical and plumbing is functional and the property is ready for rent!
     *If your an out of state or out of county owner or asset manager; we make it possible for you to invest, hold, resale and profit in Detroit!
     *Our job is to allow you to grow your portfolio and manage what is most important; growing your investments and managing your money.


Getting an estimate on your project is as simple as a call.

No matter what your need, you can rely on Realty Giant LLC to provide you with solutions for maintaining, repairing, and improving your home, business, asset portfolio, or investment properties. Because our clients make our existence possible, we are committed to providing them with quality workmanship at reasonable prices. While we almost certainly won't have the cheapest rates, we can say that we will most competative and give you the best possible job and go the extra mile to assure that your project or service is done right the first time.

Why Realty Giant LLC ?

     *We have years of experience.
     *We pay for liability insurance to protect you, your home, business assests or investment properties.
     *We have licensed State of Michigan Contractors, Master Plumbers, Electricians and Heating and Cooling Specialist.
     *We have newer vehicles and well-maintained equipment.
     *We have the right equipment for the job on hand, which assures we can do the job properly, safely, and quickly.

Why are we cheaper than some companies?

     *Years of experience enables us in some situations to do the job better, faster, and easier enabling cost reductions.
     *Because we have newer and well maintained equipment we can get the job done faster, with better results, do it more safely, and save you money. 
     *We are a self-owned company which owns its own assets; so we do not carry franchise fees, expensive office space, warehouse or storage fees; which all has to be added to the cost of the work. 
     *Many contractors don't have the time or don't want to be bothered with little repair or remodeling jobs. We welcome them. We are serious about or craft, and don't think that any job is too small.

Give us a call, we can usually give you a fairly accurate estimate

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