Realty Giant LLC is a website which is represented by a multifaceted real estate company, real estate brokers, property managers, asset development specialist, repair and licensed general contractors. We provide services for local real estate investors, investors residing in states other than Michigan who are looking to invest in Michigan and the international real estate investor. Based in Detroit, Michigan a vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan city we have the capability to of servicing all real estate needs.

Realty Giant LLC is a leader in Detroit investment properties; real estate investments asset selection, residential and commercial properties. Our services include partnerships with the best real estate service providers, title companies, licensed repairmen, and agencies around the metro Detroit Area to bring you the best, highest quality service for your properties within the Detroit Metropolitan Area.

Due to the ongoing market conditions, credit crisis, and downturn in the economies around the world, many real estate investors are hunting for cheap cash-flowing properties which are being found in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. This is an opportune time for real estate bargain hunters. Realty Giant LLC has ideally positioned itself to cater to such real estate investment plans due to our many cheap residential and commercial property listings. It's worth emphasizing that many properties are selling at discounted prices and the final selling price maybe even lower than that listed since sellers are closely and constantly monitoring the pulse of the markets and adjusting their prices accordingly.

Realty Giant LLC can work on your behalf helping you sell or purchase Real Estate within the State of Michigan. By selecting Realty Giant LLC; you are also selecting Realty Giant LLC who can also help you find your dream home; investment property or locate a new commercial business location.

Realty Giant LLC will represent the buyer's interest in a real estate transaction from start to finish. When you're ready to visit properties your Realty Giant® professional will Arranging showings, Tracking the properties you've seen, and Identifying properties that meet your criteria.

Once you've found your dream home, investment property or business; it's time to get started with the financial and contractual side of the purchase. Realty Giant will guide you through this process. Multiple purchase offers on the same property is not uncommon, so you may only get (one chance) to make an offer that the seller will consider. That's why it's important to have the right real estate professional negotiate the offer.

The benefits of hiring Realty Giant LLC your property gets the attention it deserves from your sales professional and from interested buyers. Realty Giant is like no other real estate company; specializing in both Commercial and Residential Real Estate. Your Local Realty Giant sales professional will Send you customized daily or weekly email's describing how many times your property has been viewed and activity in your area, Enter your property in both local and national MLS search listings which will take buyers directly to information about your property, Display on your yard, a sign; for easy visibility to buyers driving past your home, building or business. Put the strength of Realty Giant behind the sale of your home, building or business.

Realty Giant LLC welcomes visitors from all over the world. We help our clients with quality properties of various types such as homes, apartments, condos, hotels, land, warehouses, and others for sale; and rent. Realty Giant LLC is the largest licensed property management, asset development and real estate brokerage tailored to real estate investors of commercial and residential real estate!

Company Profile

Driven by the philosophy of adhering to investors’ preferences and being recognized as a leading property as well as wealth management solutions provider, Realty Giant is committed to offering a comprehensive portfolio of value-added services and a better quality of life to its strategic investors across the world.

Our global network across Europe, Asia, North America, India, Middle-East and South America encompasses multi-talented professionals, exclusively dedicated towards providing individual investors and international corporates with the finest properties and specialized services ranging from property and investment management, legal, taxation, brokers and sales matters through to asset management solutions.

Realty Giant LLC works in close coordination with major global realty developers, banks and receivers to promote and market their products on a global platform. With cumulative decades’ expertise of its team, the Group today stands like a guiding force, leading the way with projects geared to meet the escalating expectations of the people as well as providing them with expert advice on strategic direction, project management, financings, acquisitions and much more.

At Realty Giant each and every project has been strategically formulated in sync with class and deep-rooted individual environmental concerns; thus, providing them with a structured investment advisory process and enhancing their vision of achieving safe and secure investment goals.


Our core strength is ‘Our People’ – a team of dedicated professionals with extensive background in financial, asset management, and realty industries, undertaking challenging realty projects and providing wealth management solutions to our clientele across the world. With innovative ideas and foresightedness, the highly competent team at Realty Giant LLC is committed to delivering quality products and consultancy services to its individual investors and corporates worldwide. The theme-based high-end projects and services offered by Realty Giant LLC are highly contributed by its efficient professionals who work in complete cohesion to offer our clients a competitive edge.

Our team is dedicated towards building intellectual growth and maintaining cordial relations with our ambitious investors, leaving nothing untouched in its wake. The time-bound commitment on account of our quality professionals has catapulted Realty Giant to be at the forefront of being the reputed Detroit investment property, asset management as well as wealth management solutions provider.


Our company vision is to be acknowledged as a complete one-stop solution for all investors and corporate houses in providing them with prime products and services. We seek to capitalize on lucrative investment opportunities and deliver high-end results to a wide range of investors, banks, lenders, REO managers and business enterprises across the globe.


We endeavor to create landmarks in different facets of realty industry and to be recognized as a leading provider of high-grade services in the global arena. This includes adopting an ear-to-the-ground approach towards global solutions with precision and financial prudence.

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