Need to Sell your Property This Week?  You're in the right place.  We buy ALL Properties Fast!

WE PAY CASH FAST for Residential, Commercial and other real estate properties whatever your situation. If you are in a distressed situation (see list) that forces you to sell your property below the market value for immediate cash, this is the right place for you.

Are You in One These Situations; Behind on House Paymen ts, Divorce Settlement, In Foreclosure, Want Cash for Inherited Property, Lenders Wanting to Get Real Estate off the Books, Banker with Non-perf orming Loans against Real Estate Prope rty, Banks with Other Real Estate Owned or Repossessed Properties,  Retiring and Want to Avoid Short-term Capital Gains Tax, Investors or Owners Wanting Cash to Buy Something Else, Sickness In The Family, Having Trouble Selling Your House, Death In The Family,  Change in Finances,  Lost Your Job, Tenant Trouble, Job Relocating, Family Changes, Two House Payments, Balloon Payment Due, Costly Repairs.

Who Is Qualified To Use Our Service?

In order to qualify, you be in a situation in which you want to sell your house quickly. To sell quickly you must be willing to sell at a discount. By discount we mean that if your house needs anything done to it (i.e., paint, carpet, tile, roofing, plumbing, central heat and air, or other repairs), then your asking price of the house plus repairs and improvements must add up to less than 80% of the fair market value.

Benefits of using our service:

  • We can help resolve your situation fast (as quickly as 24 hours!!)
  • We can help save your credit and your life for 10 years by quickly stopping the foreclosure process.
  • We can give you cash to move, pay off other bills, and enjoy a stress-free life again.
  • We can help you go on with your life with no more hassles from mortgage companies, banks, and other creditors
  • You will receive multiple offers from different real estate investors
  • Have access to a nationwide network of real estate investors

Why Us?

We are very experienced real estate investors some with over 20 years of experience in the real estate field. We are private individuals that just want to help others using our expertise. We are interested in helping you to improve your situation. Stress can kill. We want to eliminate any stress associated with real estate by helping you as quickly as possible. We have bought houses and properties in every area nationwide and in every condition imaginable. In order to be affiliated with the service on this website, all real estate investors must pass a rigorous qualification process, including verifying their ability to pay CASH for properties and to do so very FAST.

How Does It Work?

  1. Real Estate Sellers; Home Owners, Property Management Companies, Real Estate Companies, REO Manager, Lenders, Note Holders and other Motivated Sellers/   Submit Your Real Estate Listing .
  2. Real Estate Listing is sent to a nationwide network of Real Estate Investors (Individuals and professionals that have access to cash and interested to make money by helping distressed sellers by creating a win-win scenario - CASH for DISCOUNT properties) that have an interest in properties like yours.
  3. Real Estate Investors send offers via email or phone.
  4. Real Estate Seller and the Real Estate Investor contact each other and finalize the transaction.

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