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Why is Realty Giant Seller Financing Program (RGS Program) unlike any property management company in the United States when it comes to your family’s next home?  Because we are building a nation of home owners as opposed to renters and tenants.  We understand the challenges of purchasing a home in today's market, and the numerous reasons why the majority of our Countries families are entering the empty hole of becoming a tenant.  Whether it’s a person’s credit score, lack of credit in general, or the inability to save for that needed down payment;  Realty Giant Seller Financing Program has a solution for you!  At Realty Giant, we have an exceptional team of experts and professionals in their individual fields to assist you with our unique home buying process.  Our owner financed home program is structured to help any individual in most situations, as long as they follow the guidelines of the program and can meet the basic 20-40% down payment to purchase.  Whether this is your first time buying a home, have been recently declined by a lender, or you're looking to get back into home ownership, Realty Giant Seller Financing Program (RGS Program) will assist you in every step of the way.

We are your Lender, and We Own These Properties, Not someone else.

Realty Giant Seller Financing Program (RGS Program) prides itself on purchasing homes and completing quality renovations in order to provide our Club Members with solid properties for a solid future, as home owners, apartment owners, business owners;  not renters.

After processing your Seller Financing Application, an Realty Giant representative will work with you in identifying which of our owner financed properties you would specifically like to purchase.  We will promptly provide you with information on the properties you have selected and move promptly to closing your purchase. 

Realty Giant Seller Financing Program (RGS Program) Benefits

●  No Bank Qualifying!
●  100% Seller Financing! 
●  Report monthly payments as MORTGAGE payments to the 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax)

●  Issue 80% and 20% notes establishing 2 new trade-lines for credit reporting!

●  Earn 1% co-beneficial interest for every on-time mortgage payment up to 10%, which will be applied towards closing costs and down payment monies at permanent financing

●  Instant Approval Vurtially Everyone is Approved!

●  Low 20-40% Mortgage Approval cost to Enter Seller Financing Purchase Option!
●  All membership fees are refunded to you at the time of permanent financing!

●  Home Warranty in place for first year!

●  Home Owner’s insurance in place for first year

Just becuase the banks have tightened the lending

requirements doesn't mean you can't buy real estate!

Thousands of homes & commercial properties are available.

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